After a stressful birth experience with my son Seb in 2009, I made every effort for a peaceful uneventful birth with my second son, which included getting in touch with Maya Zack, Hypnobirthing and Sedona Method expert. I am so glad I did! Maya was very focused and passionate about her work and in turn about my story and how I could turn my experience of birth (and motherhood) around. In March 2012 I gave birth as I had hoped, at home, without intervention, without drugs or drama. Although I did experience some “pain”, it was as uneventful and straightforward as a birth could be. I made use of the techniques Maya taught me, listened to the CD, and visualized myself having the kind of ecstatic birth that Maya shared with me on various DVDs. Surges came and went, my body birthed my son all by itself as I concentrated on relaxation. Not a stitch was needed as I never forced or pushed Charlie out, he arrived safely on to my bed and in to our world at a healthy 9lbs! My recovery time physically was about two days and emotionally, it was as if the trauma from my first birth (which stayed with me for at least a year later) was delivered out of my body with the best birth experience I could have hoped for. Thank you Maya, I am so grateful to you!

Tracy Strassburg, Saltdean, East Sussex (Home Birth)