(This testimonial was written after just one session of Sedona Method for post-natal support) The method was quick and simple. Maya explained to me that it isn’t past events that are upsetting, but emotions you feel when you are thinking about them. Through a few simple questions she was able to get me to focus on my feelings and then almost ‘trick’ my brain into not feeling them any more. I wanted to work on the anxiety associated with having a small baby who had colic for 2 months and to help myself and my family adapt to having a new member. During the session, it was a really odd sensation to have emotions that felt quite entrenched disappear, and leave me with a feeling of contentment. The technique can be used by yourself whenever emotions surface that make it hard to cope, and I’ve found that since the session I’ve been noticing my feelings more and being able to attribute how I’m acting to the emotions behind them. This makes it easier to stop myself from getting worked up and angry when looking after the kids, and I am more aware. I have used the technique a few times when everything has felt like it is getting on top of me. Overall since the session I have generally felt a lot calmer and am enjoying my kids a lot more.

Marion Mackonochie, Brighton