We found the hypnobirthing techniques invaluable, particularly as things didn’t go quite to plan.  We had hoped for a pool birth at home but instead ended up in hospital… with a syntocinon drop before we both became unwell and needed an emergency c-section followed by a weeks inpatient stay on antibiotics as we both got infections…
Hypnobirthing was really useful. Interestingly for us it became most useful when the room filled with people and we were whisked off for c-section. It aided us both to stay calm and staff commented on how relaxed we were. I listened to the affirmations during labour alongside relaxing music which also really helped at that time too. The breathing techniques and tips on relaxing the jaw all came in useful.
Overall we thoroughly enjoyed the hypnobirthing sessions with yourself and have found them useful both during the labour but also at times of stress since then. Thank you so much for this.
Laura Clarke & Parun, Brighton