I’d gone from 4 to fully dilated in just 1.5 hours and baby’s head was there. With a few gentle pushes, she flew out so the pool would have not been filled in time anyway! I must say all the midwives at Brighton hospital were fantastic and cooperative. Despite having had to ‘fight’ for our natural birth, the hospital experience was very good and in fact, due to the presence of meconium, we were very glad to be there and not home where we would have had to transfer. Hypnobirthing has been very helpful in our experience, even though our birth was not like the videos. I found I needed movement, deep birth breaths and low and loud tribal noises to see me through each surges.
Ed was amazing at coaching me through, making sure my breathing was calm and deep, pushing on acupressure points on my lower back at each surge and giving me words of encouragement.
Fear was definitely out of the equation. I wouldn’t describe the experience as painful either. Just extreme intensity and power. Thank you Maya for your course and support.

Jo and Ed Bramli-Chivers, Brighton