Thank you for introducing us to hypnobirthing...our baby came 3 weeks early…I think the combination of denial that he was really coming that day and my hypnobirthing practice enabled me to stay calm, relaxed and happy throughout the majority of his birth… I found the affirmations helpful during the early stages and used the breathing techniques throughout, which really helped me keep pain at bay! We managed to have a completely natural birth, much to my surprise and delight as I’d previously had an emergency caesarian with my daughter. Sadly I suffered 3rd degree tears as there was meconium in my waters so I was urged to push before my body was ready. Apart from this everything else was brilliant and amazing. Our baby came into my arms as a perfect bundle, calm and sleepy. It was such an amazing experience I will never forget. I will continue to recommend you and hypnobirthing, it completely opened my eyes to birthing and taught me to believe in my body!

Helen, Joe and Saxon Broadway, Brighton