We really enjoyed doing the hypnobirthing course. Although we were both quite relaxed about the idea of birthing
before the course, learning and practicing the techniques gave us a lot more confidence to continue to be relaxed when the time came!  We were having a home birth but the midwives didn’t come out to us very quickly as they were busy having a shift changeover and probably thought my birthing would take a while since it was my first baby. Things were progressing quickly though and they asked us to go to the labour ward to get checked out. The baby was fine but when they examined me I was 9cm dilated already! It is a testament to the hypnobirthing that they didn’t even realize I was in active labour when I walked onto the ward! And indeed, I’d managed to get that far feeling really in control. Just before we went to the ward it had started to get very intense but when I found out how well my body had done I felt so good about it and it gave me even more confidence to keep going. We managed to persuade the midwives to let us go home and have the home birth we wanted.

Emily Hill, London (Home Birth)