We all want to thank you for your skills, patience and inspiration around Hypnobirthing. We enjoyed the sessions and found that they turned our ideas about birth around. We have used the techniques during the pregnancy and especially during the birth and this has resulted in the joyful birth of our beautiful calm baby…The start of the labour was very easy and we moved through this phase very quickly…we stayed pain free and relaxed…The next stage was quite a jump in terms of discomfort and it happened very suddenly. I had a couple of trickier surges but a bath really helped and between surges I was able to relax in a trance-like state…the next stage I felt like my body was telling me to push. We couldn’t believe that things were moving so quickly especially as the midwives were convinced we were still in early labour!…I was either in intense surge or intense trance…The final part of the birth was easy, pain-free and absolutely beautiful and joyful! She arrived alert and calm and I felt amazing! The massage, relaxation techniques, affirmations were all effective and the practice paid off because we moved smoothly between them. The midwives commented that they hadn’t see such a calm birth for ages.

Claire and Joe F.D., London