We want to say a big thank you for the hypnobirthing which definitely helped a lot with the labour. I felt totally calm and prepared as the labour started…doing the breathing exercises and using dim lighting and warm baths to stay calm until we went into hospital. Once we were there the labour sped up a lot but I stayed very calm and Olly used lots of the phrases from the hypnobirthing to help me stay focused. I had some gas and air then but not for that long.The second stage of labour was a lot harder and it went on for a really long time but I did manage to stay calm between the surges and my mum (who was also there) was amazed at how I conserved my energy between surges. It got slightly frantic at the end because they were worried about how long it was taking but I got her out without needing instruments and hardly any pain relief which was great. Overall I feel very pleased with how the birth went. Thank you again for all your advice and teaching, it helped me so much and we both really appreciate the role you played in allowing us to have our baby naturally and without fear.

Chloe and Olly T., London