I want to thank you so so much! Without the skills and knowledge I learnt from hypnobirthing I know my labour wouldn’t have been so fast and stress free!
Full blown labour lasted about 3 hours in all…I gave birth to a lovely baby girl and on my due date can you believe! I woke up at about 5:30am with what I thought were just stomach cramps but I thought nothing of it and fell back to sleep. I woke up properly at about 9:00am. The cramps were still there and getting stronger but I thought they could be Braxton Hicks because I was yet to experience them. I thought that even if I was in labour I’d have a long while before I’d need to go to hospital…I put on the Sea of Serenity recording in the background and started to make sure I had everything ready for the hospital. Fast forward to about 12:30 the surges started to get really strong…All the while I was practicing my breathing techniques…I was unable to get dressed because every time a surge took over my body I had a primal like instinct to rip my clothes off. I couldn’t concentrate to talk on the phone, I just kind of went into myself. All the time the recording was playing in the background…I don’t know how long this went on for but it must have been a couple of hours. I was in and out of the shower and pacing around my room. I began to feel an immense baring down feeling and could feel what I thought was a head! I realised that the baby was nearly here, I wouldn’t be able to get to the hospital on my own and didn’t want to have the baby in my place alone so I called 999…The ambulance arrived quite quickly and they escorted me to the hospital where I had some gas and air… When I arrived, the staff must have thought that I was exaggerating…but I knew the baby was basically here so I started to try and hum the baby out. The midwife said I was more than ready and literally 2 minutes later Willow was here! She’s so lovely, she didn’t cry when she was born and has continued to have a contented temperament. I can’t thank you enough for equipping me with the skills and knowledge to birth my baby efficiently!

Charley R., Brighton