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Bring the Sedona Method™ into your hypnobirthing classes

What’s the Sedona Method?


The Sedona Method is a powerful personal-development tool based on the idea that you are unlimited and free, other than by holding on to (past) stories.

It’s a unique, simple, step-by-step and easy-to-use process that teaches you how to LET GO of painful or unwanted feelings or beliefs, right in the present moment.


Why would you want to bring this into your London or Brighton hypnobirthing classes?

This tool can work magic if you’re feeling stuck with anxiety, stress or fear.

It can also help you if you want to get over any past negative or traumatic birthing experience.

You’ll be able to dissolve tensions or any subconscious negative feelings, conditioning and beliefs.

You’ll be able to do this without going into the past stress-causing stories. You’ll be able to quickly become free of even life-long issues, leaving you feeling calm, clear, peaceful and in control.

Its focus is on the present moment and you can easily use it yourself afterwards to continue empowering yourself.

You’ll be able to easily break through patterns of thought, beliefs and behaviours, whether around birthing, parenting or anything else. 

You can use this method to deal with any post-natal issues too, such as stress, post-natal depression, guilt, feelings resulting from negative experiences of birth and much more.

Improve your health and confidence in other areas of your life too!


What Mums Are Saying

“After a stressful birth experience with my son Seb, I made every effort for a peaceful uneventful birth with my second son, which included getting in touch with Maya Zack, hypnobirthing and Sedona Method expert. I am so glad I did!

Maya was very focused and passionate about her work and in turn about my story and how I could turn my experience of birth (and motherhood) around… I gave birth as I had hoped, at home, without intervention, without drugs or drama. Although I did experience some “pain”, it was as uneventful and straightforward as could be… Surges came and went, my body birthed my son all by itself as I concentrated on relaxation. Not a stitch was needed as I never forced or pushed Charlie out… My recovery time physically was about two days and emotionally, it was as if the trauma from my first birth was delivered out of my body with the best birth experience I could have hoped for.

Thank you Maya, I am so grateful to you!”

Tracy Strassburg


“The method was quick and simple…I wanted to work on the anxiety and to help myself and my family adapt to having a new member.

During the session, it was a really odd sensation to have emotions that felt quite entrenched disappear, and leave me with a feeling of contentment. The technique can be used by yourself whenever emotions surface that make it hard to cope, and I’ve found that since the session I’ve been noticing my feelings more and I’m able to attribute how I’m acting to the emotions behind them. This makes it easier to stop myself from getting worked up and angry when looking after the kids, and I am more aware. I’ve used the technique a few times when everything felt like it’s getting on top of me. Since the session I’ve generally felt a lot calmer and I’m enjoying my kids a lot more.”

Marion Mackonochie

(After just one Sedona session for post-natal support)

More benefits you can experience with the Sedona Method:

  • Improved health & well-being
  • Inner peace & certainty
  • Much healthier, happier and love-filled relationships
  • Fast relief from feelings of stress and overwhelm
  • Quitting smoking, drinking, overeating or other impulsive, addictive, self-defeating behaviours
  • More self-esteem & confidence
  • Freedom from long-standing emotional baggage such as fear, anxiety, anger or depression
  • Healing unresolved emotional traumas
  • Increased productivity and creativity
  • Achieving goals more easily and effortlessly

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