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Private hypnobirthing sessions also available in Lewes.

Hypnobirthing pregnancy classes Brighton & Hove and London

The Hypnobirthing Course

These fun & informative pregnancy classes will prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically for having the best possible experience of childbirth.

You’ll be able to use what you’ve learned on the hypnobirthing pregnancy classes, no matter where or what kind of birth you’re planning or you end up having.

Why would you want to join hypnobirthing pregnancy classes?

  • To have a more relaxed, enjoyable and safe pregnancy and birth.
  • To feel in control!
  • Labour is often much shorter.
  • You’ll promote a closer connection with your baby and birthing partner.
  • To minimise any need for chemical pain-relief or medical intervention.
  • To prevent fatigue during birth, leaving you energised and focused.
  • Hypnobirthing babies tend to be calmer, better sleepers and eaters.
  • Using the relaxation techniques after birthing will also support more comfortable breastfeeding, higher levels of energy, faster physical recovery, and you’re also far less likely to suffer from post-natal depression.

(Before the birth)
“We both LOVED the course! I’m feeling a lot more chilled and confident about giving birth than I would have been without your wisdom and help, so thank you!
(…and after)
The course was extremely helpful and Maya was all you could ask for in a teacher: patient, knowledgeable and fun to have around. She always made time for any questions and made it clear that she was available if we were unsure about anything between classes. The course was broken down into sections that weren’t too overwhelming; each week there was ‘homework’ but it was enjoyable and didn’t take long to complete.

It was great to do the course with my partner – he knew exactly what to do and was an absolute hero when the time came! Little Vivi is an absolute star, and the birth was perfect! We were very lucky and everything went exactly as we wanted. Thank you thank you thank you again for all your help!”

Katie & Jarvis Hill


Hypnobirthing can’t guarantee you a ‘perfect’ birth – no one can. 

But it can promise you a much more comfortable, safe, gentle and relaxed birth than you would have had otherwise.

Women I’ve worked with who’ve had special circumstances have said that taking the course has made a huge difference. They were able to deal with unexpected events because of the tools they’d learned.

So if things don’t go as planned or even if you end up having intervention, you will still benefit from the hypnobirthing course: remaining calm, focused & in control.

Feeling in charge is really what makes all the difference between a more positive overall experience and a negative one.

The hypnobirthing pregnancy course is recommended to begin when you’re at least 25 weeks pregnant. This way you’ve got plenty of time to practice yet not too much you get tired of your exercises!

What will you learn in the hypnobirthing pregnancy classes?

  • How birthing works – and how fear or relaxation directly & physiologically affect the birthing process.
  • How the mind works – what is relevant to you creating & having a more comfortable experience.
  • Breathing techniques for the different stages of labour and birth.
  • How to release more endorphins, your body’s natural pain-relief (said to be more than 100 times stronger than morphine!), using a special gentle stroking technique.
  • How to avoid unnecessary artificial induction of labour and natural ways for inducing if and when it’s appropriate to do so.
  • How to release fears or negative thoughts and emotions you might have around birthing or parenting.
  • How to avoid unnecessary intervention. It’s important to point out that hypnobirthing is not against intervention, but it encourages avoiding unnecessary intervention. It’s important to know when medical help is needed. You’ll learn to how to keep calm and have the confidence to ask the right questions should you need to.
  • Most importantly, how to create and maintain a deep state of focus & relaxation, regardless of what’s going on around you.

Feel calm, confident and in control.

The hypnobirthing pregnancy classes will also give you tools for life:

  • How to let go of negative thoughts and emotions and create positivity instead.
  • Using self-hypnosis tools for creating new habits and useful behaviours.
  • You’ll learn that you can keep centred & calm no matter what life throws at you!

Fathers to be or birthing partners

Birthing partners can be fathers, your life-partner, family member, friend or anyone else who will be there with you supporting you on your birthing day.

Often, partners and the fact they too are going through a meaningful experience during pregnancy and birth, are being overlooked as they’re not the ones actually giving birth.

They might also feel additional stress or anxiety as they don’t know how to support mums, so they end up standing on the side, helpless and out of control.

Hypnobirthing courses prepare your partner too, because we know that they play a central role during your pregnancy and birthing.

During your hypnobirthing in Brighton & Hove classes he/she will learn:

  • To let go of any fears of their own and how to stay relaxed and calm.
  • Tools for supporting you in staying relaxed, focused and in control.
  • What to expect on the day and how to best support you in each stage of birthing.
  • Some exercises that are meant for the both of you to practice together.
  • How to be your voice during birthing. To communicate positively and effectively with care-givers in order to make joint informed decisions that are right for both you and your baby and avoid unnecessary intervention.
  • How to make sure your birthing environment is kept stress-free and peaceful as you’d like it to be.

These will strengthen your bond with each other, bring you closer together and create a more family-centred and rewarding experience, just as it should be!

Cost of the hypnobirthing course includes

  • 10 hours of fun sessions for you and your partner set over 4 weekly sessions, or 2 weekly longer ones.
  • The Wise Hippo hypnobirthing workbook.
  • 5 Wise Hippo hypnobirthing MP3 recordings for relaxation & positive affirmations to make you feel great!
  • Continuous support either by email or phone up until your birthing.

Private course:
Whether one-to-one or with your friends, it will usually be held comfortably at your home (although can also be arranged to be held at the health centres should you prefer that).

Group class:
Groups are kept small to ensure your needs are fully met and that you leave feeling positive and confident in your ability to use what you’ve learned!

As Covid restrictions continues, in-person courses are now only available privately. They can also be online.

Groups are only held ONLINE.

For groups, please get in touch to get on my waiting list as I will be setting more of these up as and when, and while accommodating your specific preferred availability times.

Keep well 🙂

Early 2020 dates TBC @ Anahata Health Centre

London hypnobirthing courses:
please note I’m only available for private courses / build your own group at the moment.

I regularly give FREE information and introductory relaxation sessions.

Hear all about the course, ask any questions & have the chance to experience and enjoy a deep relaxation / visualisation exercise!

Come on your own, with your birthing partner, or even with a friend just for fun! Next free info session TBC.

I know you will find the course invaluable and your birthing experience priceless!

If you’re interested in hypnobirthing in Brighton & Hove, I’m always happy to have a chat over coffee or tea to answer any questions you might have, so please feel free to get in touch by filling in the contact form below.

If you’re interested in hypnobirthing in London, please also feel free to contact me and we can easily arrange to chat on Skype!

For most recent updates about my hypnobirthing courses as well as free events, revisit me here or feel free to join me on my facebook page.


What Mums Are Saying

“I got pretty much exactly the birth I wanted to have, which is amazing and I feel very lucky!… I wasn’t at all scared or worried, just completely accepting of the situation and prepared to do whatever needed to be done, none of which is remotely characteristic of me if I am honest… it all felt very primal, instinctual and empowering. I took my time and listened to my body, trusting my instincts and gave myself time to breathe him out… I can honestly say I loved every moment of the last phase, I didn’t find it painful or anything other than empowering and natural – I felt like a true warrior, ready and equipped for any eventuality with no fear at all.

I have never felt more empowered and brave in my life… I truly believe that hypnobirthing really helped to relax and equip me both before and during my birthing experience and feel it was an invaluable tool… I most likely wouldn’t have coped as well without it. It’s quite amazing how none of it was how I feared it would be, considering I used to break down and cry in fear at the prospect of birth in my early pregnancy, and I was convinced it would be unbearable/awful etc. I just knew and completely trusted myself, my body and my baby…all very primal – as it should be!”

Rachel, Mike & Milo Watson


“Zach was born a healthy 7lb 5oz. Born naturally and in the water pool only four hours after arriving to the maternity ward! Unfortunately our home birth plans were changed in the week before due to a positive Group B Strep test. There was a slight hiccup in my zen like state when I became concerned about delays in moving to the pool, but I managed to recover it, get back in the zone and deliver our little boy in a stress free environment! I know it’s hypnobirthing that enabled me to have a natural birth without intervention (the only one out of 7 mums on our NCT course).

Thank you so much Maya for your teachings!”

Nicole, Euan & baby Zach Anderson


“The birth of Raya was amazing. I did experience pain, however I managed to get through the birth without pain relief. I was put on a hospital trolley for a while and I was quite disempowered AT FIRST until I managed to pull myself together and I remembered a lot of the exercises. As soon as they allowed me to get into the birthing pool I was able to really utilise the hypnobirthing and it turned into a very spiritual experience. I breathed Raya out and it was incredible.

I’m so glad I took the hypnobirthing course and thank you Maya for being a great coach.”

Penny Long & Dylan


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