Feel confident, calm & in control

Ready to get excited about your upcoming birth?  

Brighton & Hove, London and online – wherever you are!

Private hypnobirthing sessions also available in Lewes.

Brighton & Hove hypnobirthing classes as well as London and Lewes

Do you want to feel confident, calm and excited about birthing?

Brighton & Hove hypnobirthing classes are available privately or in a group.

London and Lewes hypnobirthing courses are currently private only or sharing with your friends at group cost.

Please check out the different cost options as well as upcoming dates for group classes.

If you’re interested in Brighton & Hove hypnobirthing courses and would like to meet first, I’m always happy to have a chat over tea or coffee. If you’re in London, lets chat over Skype or Zoom!

Otherwise, if you just have a question – please also get in touch, I’m always happy to hear from you!

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