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Private hypnobirthing sessions also available in Lewes.

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Feeling anxious, nervous or stressed about your birth?

Hypnobirthing will fully and thoroughly prepare you for a stress and fear-free experience.

  • Unsure about what to expect?
  • Scared of not being in control?
  • Heard stories or seen stuff in the media that got you to believe birth is something to be afraid of?
  • Have you had a negative birthing experience in the past and are worried about this time round?
  • Are you simply looking for another way of birthing, because you instinctively know it’s not a medical event about doctors or interventions, but about you, your partner & baby having a special and empowering experience as family?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these, you’re in the right place!

“I managed to have the water birth I wanted with just some gas and air!… I know I never would have made it through without the hypnobirthing techniques and also just the actual mindset that hypnobirthing taught me. At the most challenging times I was able to completely focus and go into my self…I feel triumphant and proud of myself but also grateful for having received training that made me feel so empowered and in control. I feel very lucky. Thank you very much for all your help and support!”

Sophie Poulton


Hypnobirthing is NOT about having that ‘perfect’, natural and necessarily intervention-free birthing (though many women do).

There is no ‘perfect’, and there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ birthing. Sometimes things happen that are out of our hands.

It’s about you feeling in control. 

It will allow you to feel fear-free and relaxed no matter what turn your birthing might take.

This preparation will completely change your mindset and build your confidence, self-trust and positive expectation.

What makes a positive & empowering birthing experience?

  • Making informed decisions, choices that are *right for you* on your birthing day. Knowledge is power!
  • Feeling fully prepared. Calm, focused and in control of your own experience – no matter what turn your birthing takes. 
  • Feeling the experience is ‘yours’ rather than giving it away to doctors, drugs or machines out of helplessness.
  • Enjoying a birthing that centres around you, your partner and baby. Your partner will be able to fully support you along the way.

This is what the hypnobirthing course will give you.

Because of these you’ll also be much more likely to experience a far more comfortable and easier birthing.

As Covid restrictions continue, in-person courses are now only available privately. These can also be online.

Groups are held ONLINE only.

Please get in touch to get on my waiting list as I will be setting more of these up as and when, and while accommodating your specific preferred availability times.

Keep well 🙂

The Wise Hippo programme

My work has also been featured in the Green Spirit Magazine, check it out!

The Wise Hippo programme is the most exciting, up-to-date programme created in the UK and made specifically with UK parents in mind.


What Mums Are Saying

“Our baby came 3 weeks early…I think the combination of denial that he was really coming that day and my hypnobirthing practice enabled me to stay calm, relaxed and happy throughout the majority of his birth… I found the affirmations helpful… and used the breathing techniques throughout, which really helped me keep pain at bay! We managed to have a completely natural birth, much to my surprise as I’d previously had an emergency caesarian… It was such an amazing experience I will never forget… it completely opened my eyes to birthing and taught me to believe in my body, thank you!”

Helen, Joe & Saxon Broadway


“I want to thank you so so much! Without the skills and knowledge I learnt from hypnobirthing I know my labour wouldn’t have been so fast and stress free!…I can’t thank you enough for equipping me with the skills and knowledge to birth my baby efficiently!”

Charley R.


“Our birthing experience wasn’t quite what we had hoped, had a few complications…I did however use all the hypnobirthing techniques and we were so glad we did the course. The music, affirmations & breathing were all very helpful both during and after the labour and it helped us to stay calm and in control. We feel really lucky…thank you once again for all your help and support”

Vanessa & Stuart


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